Monday, September 6, 2010

extreme tat party photos from the last week

Some pics stolen from Roberto's facebook page. The first two are me, trying to take photos of my own back thigh. (Not easy)



Scabby in-the-bathroom photo:


Other photos:

Ever wonder if tattoos hurt? Well I bet Becca could tell you.

Today Colin did the first session on Ryan's backpiece.

Wanna see? It's a tiger. Going "RAAR". It's gonna be fighting a dragon, which will cover the celtic grateful dead thing at the top.

So. Bad. Ass.

Before you look though, I'm gonna warn you. MAN BUM is evident in the photos. Don't worry, it's cute.

Here's the stencil, sideways 'cause blogger's being a douche.

And after the first half hour or so:


  1. p.s. the guy in the 8th photo with no hair is Otto Rot from Die Roten Punkte

    Here's a song by them:

  2. I wonder if Becca knows how pretty she is ...

    - L


Digame entonces.

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