Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm awesome.

Um...what else?

-I love bullet points.
- I come from a large family.
-I'm originally from rural Alberta but am not a cowgirl, although I will admit to loving Fred Eaglesmith
-I work in a tattoo shop and no I do not want to be a tattooer, and no I am not a piercer.
-my favorite color is crayola's fluorescent red
-my favorite food is rice (it's great if you're really hungry and want two thousand of something)*
-I haz a boyfriend and a kitteh

Any questions? Leave them in the comment box below. I might answer them or maybe I'll just delete them and pretend they never existed. Depends on the question.

*Mitch Hedberg


  1. I love your armadillo! I am secretly fascinated by tattoos but don't have any myself. I dream of getting one someday but I'd really have to love it to live with it on me forever.

  2. Despite being creepily weird I just want to shake your deer arm. I know this might be awkward but I just want to shake the shit out of it.

  3. trish, you can totally shake the deer arm but like, you have to do all the work because apparently deer don't have elbows or something and so my one arm is all stiff and awkward.

  4. Shut up. I'm also originally from rural Alberta. *high five* Way up northy north. North of Peace River-like.

    Now I'm from Ottawa.


Digame entonces.

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