Monday, August 10, 2009

all about ME!

oh geez

okay's kind of intimidating writing the first post in a brand new shiny blog!

should i do an "about me"? or do you guys already know me?

maybe i will, you know, in case any strangers want to know the intimate details of my life.

ten things about me:

1. i have been in school for-EVER and am maybe almost done my bachelor's degree in linguistics...i'm kind of weary of all the schooling all the time, and yet i don't know what else i would do, it's gotten to the point where being constantly busy with small tasks like "writing a paper" or "studying for exams" is the norm.

2. along the same lines, i am a fabulous procrastinator and should really be cramming for this exam i have today instead of writing in a blog but meh, what are ya gonna do?

3. i live on an island in canada, and get this - i didn't know canada had islands until i was in high school because i grew up in the prairies and i guess the subject just never came up

4. i have the best job in the world, in a tattoo shop, and hey, maybe i am sucking up a bit because i'm pretty sure my bosses are going to read this some day, but shut up. they said i can be called "manager" and that means i can yell at you if i want.

5. i am in a happy awesome relationship, so don't even try to make out with me or anything or else i will punch you in the balls (or vagina if you're a lady)

6. i have a kitty and she is fat and cute and i always take pictures of her when i'm bored and now i have like 79 thousand photos of her. maybe i'll post some.

who am i kidding? of course i'll post them. so get ready to see pictures of my cat. it's gonna be that kind of blog.

7. i like reading. books. like, the kind made out of paper. a guy at work asked me yesterday if i was one of those "weird kids who won spelling bees", but i wasn't. i just know how things like "horse shoes" and "hand grenades" are spelled because i probably read them in a book once or whatever.

8. i take the bus a lot. like, twice a day when i go to work and four times a day when i go to school... i did some calculations, and in a week (if i don't skip class) i spend approximately eleven hours a week actually sitting on a bus, and around 7 hours a week walking to or from the bus stops. so yeah, also be prepared to hear a lot about bus-riding.

9. coffee = awesome

10. i kinda ran out of things to say. this is boring.

the end.


  1. Hi, this is my first visit to your new blog, and as of this moment, I have not tried to make out with you or my PC monitor... I am proud of myself and I am rewarding my efforts by treating myself to a cup of pudding!

  2. huh. well that's kind of creepy but remember rule number five.

    here's a rhyme to help you out: rule number five keeps you alive.


Digame entonces.

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