Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i can do whatever i want now

because my step-dad is the mayor of stettler!! AHAAHAAAAAA

i'm like the paris hilton of stettler, with a 20 pound cat in my purse instead of a chihuahua!

i asked if i could get free parking now but then i rememberered you don't have to pay to park anywhere in stettler anyway.

i asked him if he wears a gold star on his lapel that says "mayor", like a sherriff's badge, and he said i could make him one and he'd wear it.

he also said that my little brothers think that now that he's the mayor the town is going to get a Wendy's restaurant, which i find hilarious.


  1. you are the "Paris". Lyndon is. You are more a Nicki

  2. I mean you are NOT


Digame entonces.

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