Thursday, September 3, 2009

this scares me

yeah...pretty much anything alien scares the pants off of me
and not in the good way*

when i watched this the first time i already knew what was going to happen because somebody told me like three days ago.
i had to squint my eyes and fast forward any parts where i saw anything scary the first time.
the second time i hit pause and then dragged the little circle thing across the bottom so i could watch everything with no sound at the speed i wanted to go.
the third time i pushed play and only paused it just before the alien jumped out at them.
and the fourth time i hit play and let it play but looked away at the scary part.

and now i'm probably going to have nightmares for months.

i went through a phase when i was a kid where i thought i had probably been abducted by aliens, and therefore it was logical that i'd be afraid of them because they would come back someday.

uuugh even typing that makes me feel creepy.

the movie signs is SO EFFING TERRIFYING

hahaha and i know it's lame when i'm letting my mind wander in the middle of the day and i suddenly flash back to the end of close encounters of the third kind where there's the silhouette of that alien with the super long arms and my heart stops from fear for a second...


4:18 - 4:27 and 4:36-4:59 it's face!! NOOO

the end

*whatever that means

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