Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One time, in Mexico...

I was reading my journal from the time I went to Mexico in 2007 today, mostly because all my friends are going there these days for weddings and I can't go and I'm kinda sad. Anyway, I found this little entry in which my three roommates and I were trying to find the murals that Diego Rivera painted on our first day visiting Mexico City...

we were all in a super silly mood and ridiculous things kept happening to us.

Here's what I wrote, with notes to explain what the hell I'm talking about:

we went to the wrong building.

So yeah, we got lost and ended up in some other government building. We just waltzed right in and the security guards were like "what are you doing here?" and we were like "oh, just looking for some paintings". So they gave us guest passes that we had to hang around our necks, and led us up the stairs and gave us a tour guide.

Turns out there was a dude and some ugly portraits in this building, it was the room in which they give away the key to the city and stuff.

This is my irreverent way of saying that we were IN THE OFFICE WHERE THEY GIVE THE KEY TO THE CITY TO IMPORTANT PEOPLE. And we had no fricking idea. We were like "laaa dee daaa, where are we? Dumm dah dummm" And the "ugly portraits" were pictures of past presidents, and people they gave keys to the city to.

We were such a gong show it was ridiculous.

Like I said, we were in a really silly mood.

Shannon hiked her pants up while the man was telling us about Neil Armstrong and ripped them really loudly.

So yeah, this nice gentleman was telling us how Neil Armstrong was there. And Shannon pulled up her pants. And ripped them. It was super funny at the time.

Then Sophie said Lance Armstrong went to the moon, and we kept talking about that...

Yeah, and at the time none of us could remember if it was Neil or Lance who was the bike rider guy and which one was the astronaut. It was all very inappropriate.

then when we were signing the guest book I wrote "can I please have a key to the city?" and Shannon wrote about Lance Armstrong.

When I read this last part I totally laughed out loud. Oh man, I crack myself up. I'm going to post this on facebook.

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