Friday, December 11, 2009

in yesterday's news...

on the bus yesterday from the university to downtown I noticed a lot of yellow police tape and police vans near the Royal Jubilee hospital.
I made a mental note to find out what happened and continued on with my business.

Well today I finally got that far down on my mental list and got Ryan to look up what happened.

What? He was already on a computer. Mine was like 3 rooms away!

Anyway I kind of wish I didn't look because it turns out some guy set himself on fire outside the hospital.

here's a news story about it

Yeah so if you're too lazy to go there, basically what happened was a man went to the hospital, poured gasoline all over himself and lit himself on fire.
It was right near the bus stop so all these people saw him do it. The investigators said it was not an accident and it was not any kind of attack.
The witnesses said he apologized to them while he was totally on fire, and said he wouldn't do it again.

Then a guy from a nearby construction site ran over with a fire extinguisher put him out, and hey, he was right outside of the hospital so, you know, they took care of him.

I am left with so many questions.

I mean...did he want to die?
He did that directly outside of the best place to take care of an injured man, right?

So why?

I really feel bad for the people who had just been waiting for the bus.
And I can't stop thinking about it.

Well...yeah I can, I was just using a little thing called HYPERBOLE.
It's a literary device.
Ever heard of it?

But suddenly, out of nowhere, it'll hit me again; dude totally lit himself on fire. Beside the hospital. Then apologized to people while he was on fire! WHYYYYY?

It's not even any of my business.

The last line of the news story says "Some of the witnesses would be treated for psychological trauma, police said."

Uh, yeah. Just reading that story kind of traumatized me.

I don't really have anything else to say about it except WHYYYYYY?

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  1. That's intense. Stuff like that can totally stick with you. I listen to a podcast called 'The Moth' and its a series of people telling stories about their lives, live on stage, without notes. Most of them are funny or cynical or what have you. But there's one that I heard about 2 months ago that I still think about. It was a man who works as a maintenance guy on the Golden Gate Bridge (I dont know why I capitalized that, maybe because it's so BIG?). So him and the other guy on his crew are always hanging off the cables on the bridge fixing things, and the bridge is a favorite suicide spot, so they see a lot of jumpers. That part didn't bother me too much. I mean really, if someone is determined to kill themselves, they'll find a way, and who's to say they don't have that right? But the man went on to describe the day that they saw a man stop his car in the middle of the bridge, get out and grab his 4 year-old daughter out of the passenger's seat. He then walked to the edge of the bridge, threw the little girl off and then jumped over himself. Horrible.
    The maintenance guy said that he's been haunted by that day for 6 years. And he knows there was nothing he could do but...
    So yeah, that's another situation where the only question is WHY?, why did you think there was no other option?
    That was depressing, sorry.


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