Wednesday, March 17, 2010

can you say it?

me: I don't want to say it, will you just say it?

ryan: yep

me: I just don't know the etiquette, like, do you just...say it? is it rude?

ryan: what do you mean?

me: I don't know.

ryan: well what's your friend's last name?

me: why?

ryan: in case they ask who we know

me: they won't. just say the band's name

ryan: but what if...

me: okay, then I'll tell them.

----- at the door of the nightclub ----

bouncer: you guys have I.D.?

ryan: yep (shows him)

me: yep (shows him)

bouncer: and do you have tickets tonight?

ryan: oh, we're on the guest list.

bouncer: okay go on in

ticket girl at door: that'll be fifteen dollars

me: oh...

ryan: we're on the list

ticket girl: pardon?

me: we're on the list. the guest list I mean.

ticket girl: oh. name?

me: nova

ticket girl: um...(flipping through papers)...whose guest are you?

me: the Manvils

ticket girl: what's your name?

me: nova

ticket girl: and...(gestures to ryan)

me: oh, ryan.

ticket girl: who?

me: ryan

ticket girl: pardon?

me: RYAN

ticket girl: did you say Ryan or Brian?

me: RYAN

ticket girl: pardon?

me: RYAN. ryan with an 'R'

ticket girl: oh. i thought you said brian. I only have a ryan, not a brian

me: nope. ryan. with an "R".

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