Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm on the twodollartattoo.com site!

My super cool boss made a tattoo on my leg that is the size of a twonie. Toonie? However it's spelled. The two dollar coin.
And twodollartattoo.com put me on the site last night.

It's nice to be included, but maybe I should have asked to look over the photos they ended up sending in because ... well ... this.

(although it's kind of hard to tell, this tattoo is the TINIEST TATTOO EVER. and it ended up healing really well and is fabulous)

And now for the worst picture of me of all time. Ever.

*sigh* I didn't even want to get my picture taken that day because 'I felt ugly' and these pictures definitely confirmed it. Combined with these images, the person who runs the site also said this:

Gerry Kramer (of Tattoo Zoo in Victoria, British Columbia) demonstrated his skills with a single needle on the very appreciative shop receptionist Nova and even showed a little charity by only charging her two dollars for the tattoo.

very appreciative?


Super sad face.

I don`t know. It`s just the combination of being too broke to get a proper hair cut, too busy to put any time into the way I look and too lazy to care most days...usually I don`t care but sometimes ... yuck. I feel disgusting. And it kind of sucks to have a photo of the worst right up there for everybody to see.

Ryan said it`s not that bad, and I took that to mean "you look that terrible every day" and pouted for like 78 hours...(yeah it's a real treat to live with me sometimes)

On the plus side, Bryan and Colin sure look cute in their photo!

And on the double plus side I'm skipping classes today to help finish building a retaining wall in our back yard. It's kinda fun. Except for the whole 'carrying ginormous heavy bricks everywhere' thing. Oh and the 'they have to be level and straight even though there's roots in the ground from those trees that are in the way' thing.


  1. Nova. You are beautiful 100% of the time. I wish you could see you like I see you. :)

  2. Nova, I think you look fabulous! I meant no ill will in the description of the post. For the record I adore your smile and appreciate your participation in the project it is not easy to sit through a single needle tattoo for as long as those take.

  3. Sarah, you made my day!

    Thanks Philip...it's just one of those things, sometimes a girl feels kinda yucky!!

  4. Gotcha, well I still think you look Fab! Thanks for being a good sport. :)


Digame entonces.

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