Monday, March 29, 2010

Remember when...

I was just browsing some of my photo albums on Facebook and was hit by like 40 waves of nostalgia.

I remember when

I went to Frida and Diego's 'casa azul' around the time of Dia de Muertos

I turned 25 in Xalapa and was nicknamed 'the black balloon' of the house.

One of my favorite friends got married and we all wore converse high-tops, including the bride.

I forced my little brother to go on a roller coaster with me and mistook his screams for 'having fun'.

I used my backpack to hold my place in line among everybody else's gigantic luggage at the greyhound station in Calgary.

I watched ET in the park in Stettler...and it was FREEEEEEZING out

we told the taxi driver it was our dad's 50th birthday, and him asking us which house it was...
"uh, I think it's that one"

I learned that yes, I could sit for hours on a cold hard arena bench watching my brothers play hockey

We discovered this hotdog-mobile in a back alley near our place in Calgary

I was a beekeeper's helper person for the summer

we discovered a sand dune on the top of a mountain in Northern B.C., climbed it and saw the winding river and the road down in the valley below.


  1. Seems to me like you have had a cool time in Calgary-(I think you are there). Great pics.

  2. I used to live there. Thanks for the complement!


Digame entonces.

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