Monday, April 5, 2010

zombocat and progress update

Okay well after a crisis around 2pm today where I realized I had wasted around six hours putting together a research paper for my 20th century Latin American Literature class on Jose Marti ... who did not live during the 20th century.

Yeah. It dawned on me after having basically read and typed up his biography like 40 million times.

Wait a minute, is that a nineteenth century date? Hmmm

Luckily I was alone in the house so the only guy who had to hear any swearing was the kitty and she was like RAAH I'm a zombie because it's easter and that's some hilarious topical humor!

Entertaining, right?

So anyway now I'm just putting the finishing touches on an analysis of a rad story that I'm so glad I got to read. It's called Chac Mool, by Carlos Fuentes. First, CLICK HERE to find out what a Chac Mool is if you don't know, or you'll be like "what the eff is going on?", then CLICK HERE to read the English translation of the story. It's not the best translation ever but you'll get the point.

So anyway yay me, you know, for doing that, but I just finished this paper and it's ten at night and I have like 100 hours of crap still to do by tomorrow afternoon and I'm totally freaking out up in here.



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