Saturday, May 8, 2010

and, to even the score...

Me and my pal Sheena as goth-ish girls...I'm the one in the back wearing a Marilyn Manson t-shirt with a black shirt underneath (probably torn) and black pants. And black eyeliner. And an eyebrow piercing. That's how cool I was. Too bad the picture is so blurry, you can't see my angsty scowl from here.

And then this...high school graduation party. Check out that hair! Braids! High school sweater! What am I, a cheerleader?
I actually had super curly hair for the grad ceremony and couldn't tame it after taking out all the pins and shiny mirror things I had velcro-ed in my hair. No really.
And the grad sweater? Well...everyone else was doing it.
I wonder where that sweater went? Probably the incinerator.
P.S. We were partying in a barn on a Hutterite farm, and tradition at such parties is to pour beer all over everybody.
P.P.S Oh shit, is that a Mike's Hard Lemonade in my hand? Ha!
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