Monday, May 31, 2010

Google yourself.

Well, I went ahead and googled myself the other day. Luckily I have never really been one to use my full real name on the internet. Except for here and here. But as for my most common pseudonym (novarella)'s pretty out there. You can find this blog, my old travel blog that I don't know how to delete even though I erased/moved all the photos years ago, my blog catalog account and an interview thingy that I made years ago for my other old blog, my (totally boring crappy) youtube channel, my flickr account (which has barely any public photos), my fairly inactive book crossing account, and...someone else's facebook account. Who is apparently a sex doll.

What the hell is this? Somebody has MY FAKE NAME? The name I made up when I was three years old? And they're an inflatable sex toy? The fuck?

Have you ever googled yourself? Do yourself a favor and try it. I wish the photos on my travel blog from 2005 were still up, it would have been like reading my old diary or something from my train trip/living back at home as an adult days.

Why am I blogging after midnight? There's gonna be gremlins in the computer for sure!


  1. I'm not sure if you read this blog or not, but if you haven't already...check this out, it's hilarious:

  2. I'll check it out right now.


Digame entonces.

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