Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cat scratch fever

Look what that dick did to me the other day. I was already throwing up all over the place from a really stupid hangover...then I had the audacity to move my hand underneath the blanket, which is apparently an expression of a death wish in cat code.


  1. Holy shit, cats are assholes!! That is awful and not, I;'m sure, what you were looking for in your incapacitated state!

  2. @s&c I know, right? What a jerk!

  3. Ouch. I hate it when those fuckers do that!

    I'll be asleep and my foot will slip out from under the blankets and my retarded cat will pounce on it, wrap his arms around it and hold on like a koala, and tear that shit up.

    I love cats, but it's hard not to succumb to animal abuse in situations like that.

  4. @owo I just don't get what it is about being under a blanket that makes you fair game.


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