Sunday, June 27, 2010


my favorite song to sing along to while sweeping the floor in the mornings at tattoo zoo is Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon...

I was totally busted today by Cody. I was all practicing rolling my R's (which I literally learned from singing along to this song, not from all the school in Spanish, not from the ... seven percent of my life I've spent in Mexico.) RRRRosa.

I just recently found out this is where it's from:

I want to watch this entire movie. It's effing awesome. And this scene reminds me of the one time when I was living in Colima, Mexico...

which is here you ignorant motherfuckers:
I inadvertently saw a serenade taking place. Some guy wanted to ask for a young lady's hand in marriage.
I was at my friend's host-family's house, and the mother ran into his bedroom where we were all hanging out and made us come outside to watch. There were mariachis, and the girl was all out on her balcony in the middle of the night looking super pretty in a dress and sighing was her mother, come to think of it.

It was totally this scene, with the man being all romantic and sort of creepy, except more outside in the night time and more bad-ass because it happened in like two thousand and three, not nineteen thirty two or whatever.

Just imagine me with all those spectators. That's what it was like.



  1. Wait, where is the video of you singing along? And OMG, that guitar is wow, HAWT!


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