Wednesday, June 30, 2010

thoughts on G20 from an ignoramus

Sitting here in my house on Vancouver Island...I had no idea what was going on during the G20 protests.

I still don't.

At work the other day we marveled at the crazy photos of the burning police cars. The Toronto natives sighed and wished they had been there to witness the (un?)civil disobedience.

I thought "hey, those guys in black sure look cool, smashing that window"

But then I started reading stuff. And watching little home-video clips on the internet. And you know what? It feels a little scary.

I still don't get it. I have read the protester's side of things. I have read the media's side of things. I've mostly read the uninformed sides of things. I'm confused.

Why did those people get detained for twenty six hours? Why were they fed cheese sandwiches and why were the gays segregated from everyone else?

What's with all the violence?

Why did this happen? (watch from around 50-ish seconds, the first bit is just the national anthem)

Why were the guys in black allowed to burn the police car? And who left police cars unattended with the windows rolled down?

How come I get tears in my eyes when I watch this?

I'm sorry but I just can't grasp it.

What's being sensationalized?
What's real?

How did it get so out of hand?

I thought I could trust you, Canada. Police. You seemed so safe. I don't ... I kind of feel betrayed, I guess. I'm so ignorant because I thought it was safe to be ignorant.
*sigh* guess it's time to quit being so naïve about things.

Really I have nothing to say about it and no way to say it, except I guess I know what it feels like now to be disappointed in my country.

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