Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey MTV you bunch of assholes, what kind of a sham was that fucking twitter contest anyway?

Okay, let me start that again, this time with less swearing.

LiLu, or @LivitLuvit on Twitter...she deserved to be the MTV twitter jockey. She had the most votes on the twitter thang and the facebook thang, and she's a social media pro.

Did you hear that, everybody? She had the most votes.


And she didn't even make it into the top five.

Can you say rigged contest?

So MTV, I'd like to say fuck you very much. And if you had something on your channel that wasn't total garbage, I would boycott it, but since it's all crap anyway, no skin off my back.

You fucking suck. From,

Pretty much everybody on the internet. In the world. Especially those of us who have participated in and/or fell in love with TMI Thursdays for years. (It's a lot of people, y'all.)



I hate you.

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