Saturday, August 14, 2010

365 projects

365 projects are much much harder than they appear. I tried doing one of my hair at a time where it changed quite regularly. I made it from chin-length to short to purple to brown and then gave up. (That was all in a week)

I tried doing one of things I see on my way to the bus stop, which seemed like a good idea until I realized that by doing so somebody could virtually follow me home if they put the pieces together and it creeped me out too much. I still take legions of photos along the way but keep most of them to myself.

I've looked at many 365s and it's always interesting to see how people evolve. Either in their appearance if they're taking photos of themselves, or in their photo style and creativity.

Gerry Effing Kramer is doing one right now. It's all photos of the tattoo shop I work in and is really great. Also, I asked him to say something nice about me in yesterday's blog post because I was jealous of Larissa's, so it says some very lovely things about me! Which I obviously love.

Sarah Kramer is doing one right now of my third-boss Fergus the dog. He doesn't really care for me I don't think. It's hard to tell.

and to see where I spend 35-39 hours a week.

CLICK HERE FOR SARAH'S and to see the indifferent-to-me Fergus.

Do you know of any great 365's? I'd love to hear about them. And maybe steal their ideas.

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  1. Shut up. Fergus loves you ... he just has a hard time expressing his emotions to pretty girls. :)


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