Thursday, September 16, 2010

things I love Thursday

That's right! Welcome to another edition of 'things I love' Thursday.

1. Duh, you already know this but playing with picnik photo editor. SO FUN!

This was a reject photo that I kept because I knew it had some kind of potential. And picnik proved me right.

2. FREE DOCUMENTARIES! I haven't had a chance to check these things out yet, but it seems that documentary heaven is the shit. They have over 1200 documentaries to choose from and, um, did I mention they're FREE?

3. The strange and unpredictable creative urge. Some days I'll be sitting around reading a book, riding the bus or talking to a friend and suddenly I want to make something. It's an intense feeling and it's even more wonderful when I can indulge it immediately.

4. Circus posters! There's something magical and exciting about them.

You can buy these and like ten thousand others here.

5. Wearing 'fall clothes'; jackets, hats, pants, hoodies, sweaters, long-sleeves...I love it. There's so much potential for disguises. If I'm forced into a t-shirt and shorts I am uncomfortable because I'm so recognizable. I'm one of those people who would live in a giant city and be happy in my anonymity forever. So now that the weather has turned grey and drizzly I can wear a grey sweater and long pants and look like everybody else if I want to. Nice!


  1. I love what you've done with the carousel horse. I have a soft spot for carousel animals.

    And I'm also excited about fall clothing. It's occurred to me that I don't know how to dress when it's warm. I also don't own warm weather clothing. Oops!

  2. It's all about layers. To the max.


Digame entonces.

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