Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cuba Chronicles #1 - Alcohol

The thing about all-inclusive type vacations is it's easy to drink. A lot. Of booze. The first three days we practically did nothing but drink, eat, and lay around on the beach and by the pool. In fact, I would be confident in telling you guys that not one day went by where we were not drinking some form of alcoholic beverage.

We drank on the airplane.

We drank around a table at night.

We drank in the lobby near the Christmas tree.

We drank out of coconuts by the pool. (Isn't my sister pretty?)

We drank Cuban beer in Varadero.

We drank mojitos in Havana.

We drank multiple pina coladas by the pool.

We drank in various restaurants.

And we drank a lot on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Booze. Good times.
Coming up next: the resort, snorkeling, and Havana. 

(all photos stolen from my sister's facebook page because I only brought a film camera on the trip)


  1. I swear to god, the day you left for Cuba, Cuba was on the news here because it had all time low temperatures of minus two degrees C. For real. I thought of you. Obviously it didn't last though or it was somewhere else on the island or they're just plain lying to us because your weather looks astoundingly beautiful.

  2. Hi. Fanks.

    VA - Yeah, they kept telling us "oh, it was so cold last week" but then the weather got nice, and was expected to get cold again the day we were leaving. It was kind of perfect.

  3. That's what vacation is all about! Looks like tons of fun! <3


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