Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Mom (and everyone else, I guess) here's My Christmas List

Stuff. I love it. Here's some things I'd love to get all wrapped up in ugly paper under a Christmas tree. 


1. Socks. Yes. I said it. Socks. Ryan and I get into full out passive aggressive dig wars over socks all the time. Something about me wearing his...holes...something something...I should just get my own, bla bla bla.

These are fantastic.

And who doesn't love a good striped knee sock?

2. Along the same line: tights.

These are all from SOCK THEORY...what a great little internet shop! 
I also like these for some reason.

3. And even more boring...UNDERWEAR!

I would also love a subscription to Panty by Post. They mail you new panties every month!

4. Books. Especially if they are from a second hand book store. I like a book to have a used feel to it. Not that grimy "sat in a garage for ten years" yellowed pages thing, just not completely brand new. I'd like a "shopping spree" in a used book store because I love the thrill of the hunt as much as I love getting rad, under-appreciated books for a dollar.

5. House shorts. Black ones that wouldn't kill me of embarrassment if I went outside in them.Something like this from Old Navy would be perfect.

6. House pants. Same thing. Any color. Capri style are the best for those walkin' the dog in the mud mornings.

Again, these are all from Old Navy. They know their comfy clothes, apparently. 

7. A new umbrella. Something sturdy in black or brown would be awesome. Oh, and it must be a collapsible travel size one that I can throw in my bag.

8. These plugs. Or pretty much anything from Omerica. I'm a 00 gauge.

9. A gift certificate to the Gap or Old Navy. Don't ask. A woman has needs, okay? Clothing needs.

10. V-neck t-shirts. I like Ryan's American Apparel ones way too much and try as hard as I can not to steal them every day.

Nothing fancy, just deep v-neck in grey or black or something neutral. They're so comfy!

11. Stuff with gnomes and matroyshka dolls on them.
For example: this this this this and especially this.

12. A new bathing suit! I've had the same one for almost ten years. It's okay I guess, just a basic black halter bikini, but sometimes a girl doesn't want to wear so little! I'm especially partial to these space and scenery themed one pieces.

13. A freakin' filofax! I LOVE ORGANIZATION!

I'm really into this mint and pink one. 

14. T-shirts that look like they have stuff in the pockets.

15. Nerdy necklaces. 

I love these from

Oh, and also, THIS.

16. Film and novelty disposable cameras. I have all these film cameras at home and can't afford to use them very often. Any old 35mm film would be awesome. Or 120 film for that matter. 

I found some cool ones at Urban Outfitters here here here and here.

And check out these disposable cameras. They put fortunes and funny sayings onto your photos. 

17. Savings banks. You know, for saving money. They don't have to be pig shaped either. They could be buddhas, dog, or owls too!

18. OFFICE SUPPLIES! DRAWING STUFF! NOTEBOOKS! I'm crazy for this stuff.

This moleskine pacman gift set is FANTASTIC!

Know-it-all Pencils from here

I'm also into this this and this from Urban Outfitters. 

or, um...pretty much anything from here. 


Ahh consumerism. Isn't it grand? 

What's on your list?


  1. I love getting Socks for Christmas! I've been asking for knee socks this year--because I totally love them! Don't be ashamed about asking for socks as gifts--socks can add so much to an outfit!

  2. I love all of the socks and tights! And I will say that I used to be obsessed with AA's vneck tees, but then I stumbled upon Targets boyfriend tees and dude! They are amazing and only $8. I have a ton of them.

    I just posted my wish list last night on my blog.

  3. hahaha, i LOVE socks and underoos for Christmas.
    and books.
    good wishlist. :)

  4. Whoa, thanks for the link! :) More socks to browse.

    I'll check out Target and see if they deliver to Canada.

  5. oh wow this is a long list but i hope you get everything you ask for and more.

  6. I love that the longest and most enthusiastic post I've ever seen you write is about things that aren't even yours. And now I want them too.

  7. DIana...I like to get presents that I want, so I figure if I make a big enough list it gives people some choices, haha.

    FF - I know, it took me like, FOREVER to do much linking and pictures and research.



  9. I have those capri-ish yoga pants. They're really long on me too, which I love but everyone else laughs at. Cause I'm a sort of midget. Not really, but it just so happens that every one else is super tall (except for Jeremiah, who would never laugh at me for being short). I love those pencil socks. Like obscenely love them.


Digame entonces.

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