Sunday, December 5, 2010

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I'm lazy. Here's some cool stuff from the internet.

1. GWAR "kills" Sarah Palin (video) - Do not watch at work. Do not watch if guts make you feel yucky. It's super duper gross.
2. Your good deed this Claire out with her good deed!
3. The 'lets all go to the lobby' food goes metal! (video)
4. Milky vs. Lil Demon :) (video)
5. Have you seen him? I doubt it.
6. A dog walking in shoes. It doesn't get much funnier.(video)
7. Pretty fantastic impression, but I sort of doubt the veracity of the story. (video)
8. Crybaby frog. Don't worry, they seem to treat him pretty humanely.
9. Watch the trailer for "glass life",  a documentary on Nani, a very interesting lady in Kitengela Glass, a weird oasis on the African plain. It's beautiful!
10. Photos of long forgotten hospitals, hotels, theaters and other creepy stuff for sale. I can not believe these places exist. They're so wonderful! And the photography is immaculate.
11. These guys literally rode bicycles from NYC to LA...because Jeff decided to say YES to an insane idea rather than laugh it off. Really,  how wonderful. As his bike partner in crime put it: "Have you ever done something for 53 days straight, let alone something you’re not even interested in?”
12. Galapagos video 1 and Galapagos video 2
13. Minimalist muppets
14. Leslie Nielsen movie quotes. also? Find tons of movie quotes here. Like, anything.
15. Did you hear about all the Picassos that some guy found in his garage in Southern France?
16. I don't know about you, but I am not paying to use the sun.
17. Coen brothers films ranked "from worst to first".
18. STOP STREET HARASSMENT. Seriously, stop it. It's terrifying, dehumanizing and awful. Never funny. Never sexy. IT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT. STOP IT. 
19. - I love their posters, and that they're not putting all the rape-blame on a woman's short skirt or whatever.
20. Dating tips for single ladies in 1938. I know drinking makes me clever. Right? Doesn't it?
21. Sarah Von teaches us an excellent method for dealing with beggars when you're in a foreign country.
22. *cough* My etsy store. *cough*
23. Have you ever seen Lilu's "The Shiz My Boyfriend Says"? It's good. Real good.
24. It's an island. Of. Cats.

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