Monday, January 24, 2011

Actual conversation I just had at the coffee shop:

(It's 8:30 in the morning.)
Me: (Just making conversation.) What time do you guys open?
Super Italian Coffee Shop Owner: Seven thirty. What time do you open?
Me: Eleven.
Italian guy: So what are you doing here?
Me: Well, somebody stole our mailbox and on Friday the mailman got mad at me so I thought I should get here before he does.
Italian guy: Why did he get mad at you?
Me: I think it wrecked his whole morning routine.
Italian guy: (in super thick Italian accent) Well I'm-a mad at him. He-a keeps-a bringing me bills.

Do you ever walk away from a conversation and think about how weird and funny it is?

And now I'm sitting here at the tattoo shop, hours early, with all the blinds drawn, even though it's still dark out so all the passers-by and looky-loos can look right in at me, so I can see when the mailman comes.

And I taped a sign where the mailbox used to be that says "I'm here, mailman." With a smiley face underneath.

Uh, yeah. This is my life. ?


  1. Dang, a lot of people frown into a tattoo shop window in the morning. Why are they so angry?

  2. hahaha, love this. If I walked by the shop, I would flash a smile! <3

  3. I love super italian accents, which is convenient because my dad is super italian.

    btw, why would someone steal a mailbox? That's so bizarre

  4. Dude, at least you work at a tattoo place. That's way cooler than many have it!

    Oh, and I might have given you a little silly blog award over at my place! :)

  5. Yeah, why oh why would someone steal a mailbox? That is the question.

  6. I'd say 99% of the conversations I have at work are weird/strange. But its okay with me.

  7. Do you have to do this every day now? Until the thief brings the box back?

    Tomorrow morning I'll bring my hoop over and we can practice in front of the window. :)

  8. I think whoever stole the mailbox needs to get there early and wait. That's some BS right there. Who steals a mailbox?

  9. Well no, I actually bought a new mailbox to put up, but then it turned out to be like eight inches too wide for the mailbox space so I have to return it and get a new one.

    No hoola hooping allowed within 50 feet of me. I have a restraining order.

  10. at first i was confused when i read that the italian man asked what time you open. i thought he was being a dirty old man but then realized he was referring to your work. silly me!


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