Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(one of) the benefits of having a dog

Ryan left for work last night around 11:30pm, to work the graveyard shift. 

It's my weekend, so I stayed up to watch Jon Stewart and drool over Superheadz cameras on the computer... LOOK AT THIS 'BOOK' CAMERA. So. Great.

Images from here.

Anyway, so I was still awake when he left. Alone. And paranoid. The weather was terrible...kind of an island-style blizzard. Wet, heavy flakes that should be melting but it's juuuuust below zero so they stay and compact on the road, creating a vertitable ice rink. I could hear ambulance sirens, or maybe police sirens. Fire trucks? I still don't know the difference. The sky was glowing that weird sepia-amber that comes from snow clouds and city pollution reflecting street lights back at us.

There's something about being home alone at night, tired but still awake, that freaks the hell out of me. My imagination works triple time. Every noise is a robber, a monster, or worst of alien! (Ha ha, it's so dumb but seriously, my brain goes there every time.)

Last night the sky was glowing yellow and there was a loud THUD on our roof when I was home alone. Have you ever seen that movie Signs? Yeah. There's thuds on their roof too. Alien footsteps thuds.

I also heard some in the backyard. What the hell? My heart raced as I turned off some of the lights and peered out the blinds. Who or what was in our yard?


The last one woke Tank the bulldog up. He jumped to his feet still half asleep and let out the most ferocious bark I've ever heard. He's a lion when he's alarmed. And just like that I felt less afraid. I have a guard dog. To guard me!

He patrolled the house at my feet, alert with his ears up, listening to the weird noises outside, while I tried to unsuccessfully convince him (and myself) that nothing was going on out there.

All became quiet again. I put the dog to bed. I went to bed, and the cat was lying beside me. There was another thump, quiet this time, but I noticed that even the cat got nervous. We lay together in the dark, I was trying to go to sleep and the cat was trying to get me to pet her, both of us freezing all motion; holding our breath each time another THUMP was heard.

What is that? I kept thinking. And then the phone rang. It was Ryan's work number so I answered right away, grateful for the comfort of his voice. He told me he just arrived at his work twenty minutes late because of the weather. The ground was covered in snow and there were car accidents everywhere, but it was raining at the some time and giant clumps of wet snow were falling off the trees everywhere.

Ahhh, mystery solved.

I was placated and knew I shouldn't be afraid of wet snow, of course, but my imagination still wanted to carry me to those dark afraid corners of my brain...just knowing that even if it wasn't snow falling, but something more evil, I had Tank on guard was so comforting I quickly drifted off to sleep...


  1. dogs are so comforting! ... except when they hear/sense (??) things that you dont, and all of a sudden they start spazzing the heck out at the door or a window when you cant see/hear ANYTHING.

    i understand about the aliens. every. single. time. im alone in a forest or other naturey type place all i can envision is carnivorous dinosaurs, like t-rexs, emerging from the foliage, hunting me.

    Happy Anniversary by the way! Wow, 4 years?! Holy man.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean! With me it's ghosts instead of aliens, though. Luckily you have Tank to guard you. If my boyfriend was away for the night I'd be all alone and probably curled up in a frozen and uncomfortable ball in bed trying not to shut my eyes in case something scary appeared.

  3. This is one of the reasons I want a dog. And to protect me from the punks that hang out around the library downtown. Yes, the library.

  4. I do this to myself all the time. Stay up late, watch too much "Paranormal State" or whatever, and then every sound creeps the eff out of me.

    Glad it wasn't aliens. :D

  5. Dinosaurs! Ghosts! Whew, I'm not the only crazy person here, that's a relief!

  6. I want a gun for those kind of nights. Sometimes I lie there thinking of worst case scenarios. "Okay, if the robber man were to come in with a knife and slash my face up, how would my life then change if I got away?" It's kind of like counting sheep. But bloodier.

  7. A GUN? I would end up shooting out the windows over a falling leaf or something ridiculous I'm sure if I had a gun.

  8. I play the "what if my face got really burned" game sometimes. I always lose.

  9. heehee, i'm the same way. i often send barclay to the front door in the middle of the night to make sure it's locked, to make sure there's nothing on this side of it, etc.

  10. I'm with you! I have two dogs and love to make them get in bed with me if my hubs isn't there. <3


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