Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Final Seattle Post (maybe) - The Zoo!

 This is the last post today, I swear! 
I just had to get it all out now or it was never going to happen.

All photos were taken by Ryan and me. Mine are the grainy crappy ones with the purple lines through them, and Ryan's are the better ones. 
As always, click the pictures for a larger view.

Here's some stuff we saw at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo!
BTdubs, we saw every single animal there except for the lemurs, because we couldn't find them even though they were on the map. We even did the petting zoo and the stupid bird enclosures.

It was a super fun day.
We saw...




 Me as a dung beetle grub.


 Weird bubble bug things.

 A historic carousel.



 Kimodo dragons. (WHICH ARE HUGE BY THE WAY!)

 Me's drinking coffees and looking at animals.


 A bag of penguin guano.


We told the youngest kid "Hey, you should go on the carousel." and he said "Okay." And walked over to this cardboard horse, like he was going to get on it. We laughed for days.

 A...school house?

 Weird phallic lollypops that the kids really wanted to eat in public for two days, of course.

 A brick bear.

A box of worms.


 Ryans and Novas in weird little huts.

 And a Tapir in a bamboo forest.

I thought tapirs were pig sized or something but this was more like a horse. HUGE!
I had never seen one before. How exciting.

The Woodland Park Zoo was a total hit. It was easy to take the city bus there from downtown Seattle, was inexpensive, and they had vegetarian food in the cafeteria. (Bonus!) For the most part the animals seemed happy and healthy, and the zoo itself was beautiful.

I'd definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you're traveling in Seattle with kids.

*oh my

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