Sunday, February 27, 2011

I don't even think I'm supposed to be a girl.

 I took that picture on one of my days off last week, as kind of a visual 'to do' list, I suppose.

That old black nailpolish, I swear it must be from when I was in high school...ten years ago! But I decided to put it on the other day. The bottle was nearly empty. And inside, it was all globby and barely liquid anymore. It was more like the consistency of jam with little bits of strawberry in it or something.

But I guess I really wanted black nails, so I just totally went for it. And the result was...special.


I let it dry like this and then kind of scraped off the excess black under the tap, running warm water over my hands. It probably took a good three hours to fully dry, and seriously, if you smell my hands* they still smell all chemically. Four days later. I think that'll be the last time I use that polish.

*Please don't, that's just weird.


Hey, on another note, thanks everybody for saying nice things about my dead dog and my feelings. It really feels good to know that strangers out there all over the world care enough to be kind to someone they don't know. Your words really did make me feel better. :)

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