Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little Mali adventure. **updated** there's more!

I am absolutely enthralled every time there's a new post up on this blog:

Basically, she's back from traveling to and within Mali, she literally went all the way to Tombouctou, and is now writing out the story, little by little. It's amazing! What an adventure.

Yeah, it's a real place. Who knew?

To follow along on her journey
start here

then read this

then this

then this.

And here's the latest post. I'm still enthralled! 

All photos by Seydu Keita. I got them from this post


Here's another one! 

And more! 
And this one punched me in the guts.

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  1. This is pretty sweet. I write to a guy in Mali, and it's one country I've definitely been curious about.


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