Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Monday: Bassnectar

Images from here and here 

This is not my normal musical taste, but Ryan and his kids love Bassnectar ... we went to Seattle this past weekend* so he could bring his 11 year old son to see him live. 

Coolest dad ever!

*more on that later
Here's one of the most recognizable Bassnectar songs. A classic? 
He's best known for live DJ stuff. 
I'm so not into the scene, I don't even know what to call it. A show? Concert? I'm one of those really unhip people who says "rap songs" and "hip" hahaha. Anyway, yeah. Bassnectar. He uses a lot of songs I like inside his songs, so there's that.

Here's another song...(starts around 1 minute)

 Speaking of this kind of music, you know who I kind of think is cool? Deadmaus. Maybe it's just the giant LED mouse head and all the pretty lights though. Am I high right now?

Uugh, electronic music makes me feel weird in my tummy. 

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