Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

 It's time for another edition of...


Learning about jellyfish and how scary and poisonous they are!

 Image from here.

And feeling horror at pictures like these, even though I'm pretty sure they're photoshopped. At least, I hope with every fiber of my being that they're not real.

From here.

From here.

Hey, did you know the Chironex fleckeri (aka "box jellyfish") is the most poisonous animal on earth and its stingers contain the most potent and deadly venom of any animal, and it could kill a human in three minutes?

Images from here and here.

A bunch of us went snorkelling when we were in Cuba and saw a bunch of jellyfish. They weren't dangerous, but at the time we didn't know it. Cue panicked sloshing around in the water and trying to push them away by splashing water at them. I'm sure we looked ridiculous, but we were fighting for our lives, people! (Ha!)

Read about it and see pictures here

Also? This


I also like ... these cool paintings of USA presidents holding hams. You can now buy prints, coasters and postcards of James Monroe delicately cradling a big piece of meat. Just beautiful.


I love these Daria GIFs, and imagining a week of eating just candy... just like Robb Posch did. Even though I know I'd probably end up hating candy even faster than he did!

This video of a woman in Belarus playing guitar with a lightbulb is rad. It's like "Whaaat the F is she doing?" and "Hey I recognize that song." all in one.

Oh, and all these cat videos. There's a list of the top cat videos of 2010 on the other side of that link. Click it for kitty radness times a million.


Coffee served daily.  Here are a few of my favorites: 

You can contribute if you want! I'm considering it. Even though I usually just order coffee in ugly paper cups, or drink it from weird mugs in my kitchen.

I also love LA's tips on journaling at her old blog, Freckled Nest. (And you can click here to see her new blog, also called Freckled Nest.)

I had the same journal problems she did, it was always very "Dear Diary, today this happened, from Nova" style, which felt like a lot of work, and was not very therapeutic or satisfying. Lately I've been incorporating more mixed media type stuff, and a lot more visual imagery. Same with my day planner. It's just so much more fun to use when it looks pretty. And it's nice to have something to do with all the analog photos I've been taking recently!

LA actually has a whole series of interesting "how to" posts here, and you can see pages from her own journal on her flickr account here.


And last but not least,  This is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time! (I even hosted a "Shark Repellent Bat Spray" theme party once. Seriously.) It gets really good around 2:25.

 I also love being featured on INDIE INK! Which I am! Right now! Check it out.

What do you love this week? 

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