Sunday, March 20, 2011

All kinds of outer space things!

A lunar eclipse in pictures.

Pictures of the far side of the moon!

Here's a video of the sunset on Mars. It's blue, apparently because of the different gases in the atmosphere. Neat!

Here's a cool picture of a shadow on the earth during the 1999 solar eclipse that was taken by the MIR27 Crew

Really rad picture of a lunar eclipse.

How to deal with eclipses.

Here's a 45 minute video on the space station over at Public School

Pigeons in space. 

Here's "the most inspirational fan created pro-NASA/Space video ever."

7 myths about the Challenger disaster. 

 This terrifying print is from the Minga creative studio in Argentina.

NASA video of the, uh, "dark side" of the sun. 

Here's a video of the Mars500 crew landing on a simulated Mars in Moscow and performing tasks after 8 months of isolation.  Explanation here.

Cuh-rayzee ring of black holes. 

Here's a video of a solar flare that was actually directed at Earth in February, but (luckily!!) didn't have any effect on us.

This is a mega cool video explaining the scale of the planets by Brad Goodspeed.

Have you heard? We might be getting another sun. Um...I'm good with one, how about you?

Here's a real pretty crab nebula, caused by a SUPERNOVAAAA in the year 1054 that was so bright apparently, that people could see it from earth.

And last but not least, this is the catchiest song about Space Unicorns you've ever seen. 

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