Friday, March 18, 2011

Presenting: My Sister! V.1

This is my sister, Lyndon. She's beautiful, smart, and the funniest person I know. We have inside jokes so complex and ridiculous I can't even try to explain them to Ryan without laughing until tears come out of my eyes.

Lyndon takes a lot of photos. And they are amazing. I asked her if I could share some of them here on this blog and she gave me the go-ahead. These are all just pictures I stole off her facebook page, so they're not even her best. And that's why the quality may be a little grainy and the formatting so small. Here are some portraits she took of my family. Did you know I have four brothers and two sisters? Well you do now! Here's some amazing pictures she's taken of them over the past few years: 

Isn't she amazing? I love this last one the most, haha. I have like a hundred more photos by her to show you guys, so expect a V.2, 3 and 4 over the next few weeks.

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