Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday


Yes, it's that time again...time to share awesome stuff with you guys! 

This week I love...

The "photo opportunities" set by Corinne Vionnet...she took hundreds of shots of the same tourist destinations from the internet and superimposed them on top of each other, with neat, blurry, pretty results. 

See more here.

This anatomical sleeping bag. So creepy, yet so very cool.

The Minibar for the Mind. I WISH every hotel really had this kind of thing. What a great idea.

The 'Unlock The Potential' campaign to rehumanize Africans in the eyes of the first world and rid us of the stereotype of fly-covered starving children, and to promote the truth that we are more similar as human beings than different, which I think is a really important idea. 

Porn For the Blind. Oh. My. God.

The Google Art Project. Did you know you can see inside museums around the world for free?

Finally, somebody explains what the damn difference is between the United Kingdom, England and Great Britain in a five minute video. I've always wondered!

And last but not spoofs of things that are NOT sexy. (NSFW!)

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