Monday, April 18, 2011

About the new header.

I came home early yesterday from work due to a ridiculous headache. I was thinking "migraine" until I researched migraines on the internet. I wasn't that sensitive to light, and although I felt a little bit nauseous it wasn't anything like the way people who suffered migraines described it. And I could still function, albeit totally in a daze and grouchy. I think it was more of a tension headache.

Anyway enough of the self-diagnosis. I'm writing about something SO COOL! After lying around in the dark at home while Ryan watched hockey all day, reading the book "The Birth House" by Ami McKay (awesome book, by the way), I started to feel better and went on Facebook, where I found a wonderful surprise from 'chelle (from Coffee and Zombie Movies)... she drew a picture of me!
She claims she doesn't have a shrine built in my honor or anything yet, and was just sketching the first person who happened to show up on her Facebook feed. Whatever. I love it. Isn't it so great? So I opened it in the paint program and made me have four eyes instead of two and made it my header. What do you think?

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