Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

I definitely love this taco truck that parks near my work every weekday. (On Wharf and Yates for you Victoria people, EAT THEIR TACOS, they're soooooo good! Tortas too. And they have vegetarian and vegan everything!!) Check out for more info! I also just found (and harassed) them on twitter here.

I also love...

These attractive alternatives to ugly potholes by Juliana Santacruz.

These illustrations of fancy dogs in fancy hats.

These "random healthy kitchen tips" from tales of me and the husband. Simple things and good ideas!

These paintings, done by James Hart Dyke; an artist during his time as an artist in residence for the Secret Intelligence Service. 

These interesting ways to fold an American dollar bill...hmmm

Socially awkward penguin...reminds me of me a little too much sometimes.

Switchblade's my cousin's surfboard company in Vancouver! Nice! 


More Don John Kenn.  I've posted his illustrations before but he keeps on making them. And they're still SO GOOD!


I'm also loving...

Francisco Varone's "quince dias en Peru". It really tugs at my wanderlust strings. I'm dying to go there!

Amy's list of 27 things she learned at age 27 on her blog Just a Titch.

I'm sure you've all seen this before, but just in case you live under a rock: Wild Animal (The Simple Dog Goes For A Joyride) Literally, Hyperbole and a Half is the funniest blog I have ever seen. If you haven't been there before, take a couple hours and look at everything.

This fricking RAD ad for a Scrabble game. I first saw it on Suzy's blog It Walked on My Pillow. Amazing!


This cool story of Claire and the six photo albums. She was given old photo albums and is looking to reunite them with their owners! You can read about it here on her blog, and then check out this post...please repost this link on your own blogs, help her out!

For those of you who speak Spanish, this comic is HILARIOUS. I especially liked this one.

beneathasteelsky dot com, the tumblog. Amazing photos here!


And last but not least... John Kenny's photos of Sub-Saharan Africa. (Ethiopia, Kaokoland, Kenya...)

As he says:  

"The pictures on this site are the result of hundreds of hours spent walking, hitching, and driving across Sub-Saharan Africa. They are a testimony to the vibrant cultures that still exist within some of the most isolated lands on earth."

Here are a few of my favorites...although it was hard to choose. Every photo is so pretty and amazing. I love all the jewelry, tattoos and other scarification. It looks so nice with these people's dark pretty skin.

Slightly NSFW, there's boobs!

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