Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

I love walking Tank with Ryan on the set of Jurassic Park. 

I also love...

The vegan black metal chef. I found this video via my friend Larissa, and like she said:"I sure do hope this is episode 1 of 100." So do I, Larissa. So do I.

I also also love...

This amazing halloween costume. How did this guy come up with this?

Gala's killer Summer To-Do list. I am dying over her awesomeness. 

These Novel First Sentences and Novel Last Sentences.

Improv Everywhere's new video. Gotta shaaaaare, gotta shaaaare! 

This post on being too competitive, on Eat the Damn Cake.  Even though I can't relate to the yoga parts, I still really love this post. 

"Perhaps now more than ever there is this push to not only be the best that you can be, 
but to be the best at everything at all costs.  This constant striving cannot lead to any sense of fulfillment because there will always be someone better than you at something."

This crazy jewelry made from Barbie parts. I'm not sure of the bums one or the boobs, but I do like the arm necklace, and the one with all the faces, haha. 

My friend Shannon's daily photo project

This post called "Healing from Feeling Ignored" by Helen Jane, on the bad feelings that being on the internet can create. It goes well with that video by My Girl Thursday I posted last week, actually.

This tumblog on teenage bedrooms. Mine was plastered with Marilyn Manson, Pantera and Silverchair pictures, mostly torn out of magazines.What did yours look like? 

This Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck, featuring a bad-ass moment in Canadian History. 

This DIY socks tutorial by Izznit. No. Really. I have never thought about making any article of clothing until I saw this (not that I understand the instructions at all, but still...). These are the coolest socks of all time.

"Simpsons pictures that I gone and done" is the funniest thing on Facebook. I literally laugh out loud every time he posts something new. 

Maia Flore's work. Especially the Sleep Elevations photos. Beautiful stuff! Here are a couple of my favorites: 

You can see the full versions of these photos and more on her website.

D.I.Y. Steve Buscemi eyes. Hahaha! Don't tell me you're sick of Steve Buscemi eyes yet! It's still funny.

The Red Velvet store. You can actually help back their next dress line here! Help them out! They really deserve it, they're some of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of internet-knowing!

Oh boy, I love this idea. Anybody know where I can buy these fake windows? I'll take forty.

This fantastic guest post on how to Part-Time Freelance your Passion by Fajr over on Yes and Yes

This post on 'cheese pairings' by A Cup of Jo really made my mowf water.

Alicia's photostream is totally fantastic. I'm especially loving her 'lomo supersampler' pictures

These supercool type maps at buchstabernorte are great. I especially like the Berlin one. 

These cute little plush critters from A Far Away Place. Aww.

This amazing delicious idea for a 'chewable pen'.


And last but not least...this video my friend Sam made. It's a time lapse of London. Pretty! 



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