Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I really liked doing this "lately" feature on my blog last time and have decided to make it a somewhat regular thing on Four Eyes Rella. The original idea came from Danielle, so I can't take any credit, but if you want to join me and do your own 'lately' post, please feel free to steal a stolen premise. I don't mind. (haha) So anyway, here we go!

Lately I am...

Reading: Well actually I've been listening to audiobooks lately, especially on my walks to and from the bus stop, and even on the bus if it's quiet enough. I used to think audiobooks were kind of like cheating, but now that I've gone through an entire book I've found it's nearly the same. You're getting the same information as you would if you were getting it through your eyes, and so you have to use the same parts of your imagination. It's still "work".

The only negative thing I can possibly say is that audiobooks are infuriatingly SLOW. It probably took me twice as long to listen to Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire as it would have taken me to read it. I'm a pretty darn fast reader, and he's a pretty darn slow talker. But still, I'd encourage you to give it a try, for the experience of being able to get a book into your brain and do other things at the same time. It's pretty neat.

Our public library offers an entire selection of audio books you can borrow and put on your iPod or whatever device you use. I'm sure yours will do the same. It's free and fun and definitely makes time pass quicker. Right now I've just started the third part of the Wicked trilogy: A Lion Among Men. Exciting stuff.

Watching: Game of Thrones. Awwwwwww yeah! We just figured out how to watch the entire series with our television provider, so it's marathon time.

Listening to: The Sword. Like, almost too much. I'm right at the peak of my fandom. You know, like where it's the first and only thing you put on ever, and you put particular songs on repeat so you learn every bass line and word to every song? Yeah I'm there.

They were actually playing in Vancouver last week and my friend Colin went and brought me back a t-shirt, which is my new favorite of all-time. Here's a picture of it I took inside the bathroom at work, hahaha. I'm nothing if not a classy broad.

YES! What you cannot tell by this terribly unflattering angle is that it fits like a dream and looks all bad-ass and medieval. And speaking of The Sword, this video is incredible. Please watch it, and keep in mind they're a band in 2011, not 1976.

And this is my favorite song by them ever. 

Eating: Sorry vegans, I eat yogurt sometimes. And today is one of those times. I started with a generous helping of lemon flavored greek-style yogurt, added a million fresh strawberries, and topped it off with a zillion hemp hearts. Oh. Mein. Got.

Loving: The Weird Al song about tattoos, having a day off with ZERO plans after working 11 days straight, dill pickle potato chips, and gloating over the spectacular wasp and honeybee photos I got this week. (You'll see!) Oh, and that just now, like three minutes ago, I let the dog out for a pee and saw this:

And it stood there long enough for me to noisily hook the dog to his leash, go inside, grab my camera, come back out, line up the shot, and take the picture. Thanks, deer!

Looking forward to: Watching Game of Thrones for hours today with my man, finding awesome things on the internet (and catching up on my blog reading... over 500 posts in my bloglovin' queue! EEK!) and my dad and step-mom's trip here and beyond that begins in a few days...I definitely don't see them enough.

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