Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

Well...who doesn't love bunting? But I love seeing it around construction sites. It makes it feel like a party! 

This week I am loving...

This video of the "citizen wall" in Vancouver. You know, that whole riot thing that happened? Well the looted stores had to board up their walls, and the people of Vancouver brought their markers to work with them apparently the next day. It's pretty heartwarming, just goes on and on and on. 

These pictures of grains of sand, taken by a microscope that I found via the Dainty Squid. I mean, I knew they are tiny tiny rocks, but this is amazing. Also found on her blog? THIS PAINTING by Dieter VDO. I Must. Have. This.

This post  on ... household etiquette for bodily functions on Slice of Lemon.

Gala Darling's posts on fashion bloggers and body image: Blogger Beautiful? An Examination of What it Means to be Beautiful and Valuable in Fashion Blogging, and Body Pressure in the Blogosphere: Bloggers Speak Up Part One. and Part Two.

This tutorial on using a Diana F+ camera by Kyla Roma. Because seriously, I could use a lesson or two. I SUCK! haha! I should show you guys what a disaster my first roll was. Only one photo was okay, which is quite terrible for me. I have to get a 35mm back for sure!

This skate deck totem on Pale Horse design.

Everything by Lena Hoschek. The dresses are killing me, they're so good.

All these links I found via Nubby Twiglet this week: what I actually wore, The 100 Greatest Non-Fiction Books, and these behind the scenes photos from older movies!

Interview with a female funeral director

How to Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk.

Morgan's Ride. A seven week bike tour through India on a hand-pedal bike to raise money and awareness for spinal cord injury recovery. The actual ride is over now, but the videos are delightful and it's still totally worth checking out.


These are great, but my favorite photos of his are the newest...he took stuff apart, arranged it like the stuff organized neatly site, and then threw it in the air. Awesome. Here's a typewriter, a camera and a clock:

See more here.

I'm also loving...

Get out a skeleton... you can help CupKay out by anonymously posting a deep dark secret you have on her Formspring. She's going to publish it in her zine, so watch what you tell her!! :)

Being on Leigh Ann's blog...along with like sixty other people, haha!

Danielle's post "Jordan Catalano and my "Mom Reality".  Personally, I have recently realized that Bill Cosby was kinda good looking in the Cosby show days. Um...what the hell?

How 'bout those catacombs under Paris that people go exploring in?  Anything that can be described as "filled with human remains" is not something I want to be crawling through in the dark, I can tell you that much! Although it does seem very interesting.

Shops Helping Shops! Ashley at After Nine to Five is including other businesses' cards with the orders from her online store. She's including a little note that says "Here are some other shops you may enjoy." And best of all, she's doing it for free. What a cool idea!

Watching the process of changing a yucky vintage motorhome into the coolest damn motorhome I've ever seen on Volume 25 Blog.

Jurassic Park's Velociraptors were actually something else. Read about it here.  Also? I just found out that the Smithsonian has a "Dinosaur Tracking" blog. You like dinosaurs? You're welcome.

Are you a fan of ampersands? Then click here, my friend, and enjoy. 

Living so close to a temperate rainforest. No joke, this place is just up the highway a few km. This year I'm gonna try to check out the "eagle extravaganza"...usually I just make it to the very stinky end to the salmon run and see fish corpses everywhere.

Strongman plasters, please.


This Indonesian underwater hunter:
And Tete, man he's brave.
I found this video via Thought Catalog.  


Rosie Hardy's photography! Wow!

This forest clock.

This disturbing picture of Barbie dolls in a very Dexter-esque scenario. This is the type of thing I used to do with my Troll dolls when I was a kid.

Andy Warhol's celebrity polaroids, especially the Debbie Harry one. 

You know that thing where you make tea and then don't know what to do with the teabag when it's done steeping? Voila...tea bag coasters! So. Cool.

These idiotic questions asked on Yahoo Answers about sex.

I can't for the life of me think of any occasion a person would need a plush steak or a stuffed ham, but if you find yourself in that situation, you can buy them here.

This article on laws and changes in a human's brain. So interesting!

Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

A cat wearing a hat, and apparently being happy about it, which makes it even cuter.

These killer ways to reuse an altoids tin. Because those cute little boxes are just too hard to throw in the garbage, aren't they?

This amazing video put together by Ohadi Ahram of 36 people doing okay covers of Radiohead's song Paranoid Android. I was incredulous at first but by the end I had chills and maybe a tear or two fell out of my eyeballs. If you're a Radiohead fan you should really take a few minutes and watch it. 

It's powerful, not only because the song sounds amazing this way, but because it's so many people coming together from all over the world and doing the same thing unknowingly, and together the pieces make a beautiful whole.


What are you loving this week? 
Post a link to your own list of cool stuff! I promise I'll stop by and say hello.

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