Monday, July 25, 2011

A day in the park...

My busted-ass Toms and my two dollar tattoo

How do you play hide and seek? Because when I was a kid, the person who was 'it' counted to whatever the agreed upon number was, and the rest of the people ran and they found a hiding spot, and got in it. And stayed in it until they were found. Period. You had to use your hiding skills, and you stayed there until they found you.

When we were at the park the other day, Ryan was 'it', and the kids were hiding...but whenever he came near to finding them they ran and hid somewhere else. It became less "hide and seek" and more "evade and chase". Which I think is BULLSHIT. haha I got all mad about it ... they were cheating!

(Don't worry, I didn't say anything to ruin the fun. But I did refuse to play. You know, moral principles.)

Also, what do you call the thing where you're pushing someone on a swing and you run underneath them? I call it an "underduck" but Ryan said it's "underdog". He said that every boy he's ever met has called it "underdog" but I have never heard that in my life until that day.

We grew up on opposite sides of a huge country. Apparently there were more cultural differences on the playground than I had anticipated.

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