Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tattoo TV

Lately there's been a lot of hate out for a certain tv show right now in the tattoo community. If you don't know which one it is I'm not going to tell you and advertise it for free. Basically it is irresponsibly perpetuating a LOT of misinformation and is promoting unsafe (unsterile) tattooing, basement scratchers, and full-on lying to people who want to become tattooers.

Anyway, so for those of you who love watching shows about tattoos, but are sick of all the bullshit things that are being produced by tv executives who haven't even been inside a real tattoo shop, here are a couple (realistic) alternatives, full of some of today's most prolific tattooers.


1. Tattoo Age, on the Vice network. I can't believe some of the peoplc they got to talk on camera in this series. Not that I know them personally or anything, I just thought that some of these guys were little eccentric hermits. Anyway, here's Dan Santoro in part one of three, of the first episode.

See more here

2. Marcus Kuhn's The Gypsy Gentleman. Here's episode one, featuring Thomas Hooper and Virginia Elwood. I believe the show tours around and visits some of the best tattooers in the world.


Also on the topic of weird tattoo phenonmenons in this technological age...check this out: the world's first animated tattoo. I don't even....

Via Needles and Sins, a cool tattoo blog. I follow them on twitter with the Tattoo Zoo account, they've always got something interesting and relevant to say.

And, if you want more, Tattoo Artist Magazine, in blog form, has a list of a bunch of other online resources that are tattooer owned and run. So much better than "check out my ink dot com" or whatever. Click here to go there. Don't support people leeching off an already saturated and over-hyped market. Let tattooing go back where it should be. Do I sound like a grassroots hippie yet?

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