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Wahoo, it's Friday! So far I've hobbled to the bathroom and landed in a nest Ryan built me out of blankets on the couch. You know what makes the best boyfriend on earth? The fact that not only did he set up my computer and the TV remote beside me on the couch, he also moved the coffee pot in here so I don't have to get up!!! Gosh I love that man.

I was real upset last night when I was up all late, midnight blogging. Today I feel a bit more optimistic, but am really hoping the doctor isn't like "Hey Nova, don't walk for three weeks." or something, because basically my entire life depends on walking at the moment. I guess that's what UI is for, right? And laptop computers. Anyway I still can't walk without swearing, and have caught myself daydreaming of wheelchairs, so I guess it must be serious enough to take it seriously.

For now, I'm watching Zombieland and waiting for Ryan to get home with the car to drive me the four blocks to the dr's office.


So I just remembered this morning that I wrote nothing about The Random Sam's visit to Victoria! That guy just may be the most interesting man in the world, for real. We had many beers over the two days he spent here, and he told me many stories beginning with that time he was in South Africa surrounded by racists and cage diving with great white sharks, or the time he ended up pissing at a party between Jamiroquai and Pete Tong. But he's not a name dropper or a travel-place dropper, these were all relevant stories to the conversation.

It's hard to find an interesting world traveler type who won't shut up about themselves, but Sam is a true gentleman in that he makes you feel interesting too, somehow. Ryan took a couple pictures of him and I together in our favorite dive bar, Big Bad Johns.

(The lighting in the pictures was kind of terrible so I had to totally mess with them so you could see what was going on without us having bright orange skin.)

He's long gone now, on the second leg of his amazing adventure. Here's the last video he made before he got here, where he arrives on the West Coast after cycling for almost three months. 

Now he's on his way to Argentina, and then...the world! I don't know. One of the best parts of his videos is when he gets Americans to try Marmite for the first time on camera.  

Actually, you know what, Marmite company? You should sponsor the hell out of Random Sam. He's doing this whole trip for a good cause (raising money for cancer research AND dyslexia action), and it wouldn't hurt for you, Marmite, to gain a more international audience. I'd never heard of the stuff until I was in my mid-twenties, and that's only because I met travelers in Mexico...including RANDOM SAM! No joke. He's been spreading the word for years. 

People, spread the word about Random Sam if you can, he's cycling down from Washington to California right now along the coast. And maybe shoot an email or something to Marmite about sponsorship. Sam is basically a real cool hobo, living on good intentions and a savings account.


For more Sam, follow him on Twitter. He's always up in there. And here's a link to his blog

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