Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fangirl stuff.

I saw Slayer and Rob Zombie last night. I got punched in the ear and other people's sweat all over me, but it was so fun anyway. It was my first time going to a concet by myself EVER, and I think I will be doing that more often. I didn't give a fuck what I was doing. And I could just worm my way up to the stage without worrying about my friend getting kicked by that one shirtless guy or whatever. 

I was all like "FUCKING SLAYER" and giving the metal horns and stuff un-self-consciously. It was quite fun. My neck is sore today. And my ears are still ringing a bit.

Have you ever noticed that Rob Zombie's music is pretty much just dance music? I really enjoyed his set for all the visuals, mostly. (*cough* plus he's kinda handsome or whatever *cough*) He had fire and lights and videos and people in costume...he even had a faux (I think) movie trailer starring his lady and Nick Cage, and a real scary giant robot. And John 5 and Ginger Fish who both played for Marilyn Manson at different times too, which high school me was excited about. And they played a few old White Zombie hits which made my day. Although I was like, the only old person who knew the songs. Or knew who Ginger Fish was for that matter.

I was telling Ryan when I got home that the contrast between the two sets was immense. Rob Zombie had like fourty costume changes, beach balls, light shows, pauses to make fun of the lame Victoria crowd and make us chant his name (?), special effects, pyrotechnics and more. Slayer, on the other hand, had two eagle-pentagram logo things, and a banner that said "Slayer". And they just came out and were like  "MELT YOUR FACE" no break, I don't even think Tom took a breath. And at the end they politely said "Thank you for coming." And it was the best ever.

By the way, Slayer has been together for thirty years. Can you believe it? They almost have the original lineup too, but Jeff Hanneman got the flesh eating disease on his arm and had to quit the band this year. (How lame/metal is that?)

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