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Reading: I have an entire line-up of books to read right now. I've just started Isabel Allende's Daughter of Fortune, and it is a surprisingly easy and quick read. I was expecting it to be all Gabriel Garcia Marquez slow, but it's not. So...yay!

I also read almost the entire Valley of the Dolls book the other day while I was in the waiting room at the ER. It was okay. I'd read it before and maybe once was enough. It is a really interesting look into what was shocking in the '60s, when it was written, though. Lots of sex and drugs and outspoken lady protagonists.

Watching: Parks and Recreation. I am late to this hilarious show, but now I love it! Have you seen it? It took me a few episodes to get the characters, but wow, I can't stop watching it now. And laughing out loud.

Listening: to a lot of Slayer, Radiohead and Black Mountain. I've pretty much got all my moods covered with those three bands.

 This is my favorite Black Mountain song. It's a slower one, but so powerful.  Her voice? AAGH

Here are a couple more of my favorites by them, if you're interested. Vancouver, represent!

Proud of: the way my friends and family are stepping up for me during this stupid broken foot time of my life. I've never hurt myself before and don't know what I'm supposed to be doing for myself.

Everybody is being wonderful; from basically waiting on me hand and foot, talking me out of feeling sorry for myself, and FORCING me to ice the swelling when I don't want to, haha (Ryan)  to driving me to the hospital and hanging out with me there even though it's gross and scary (Sarah), to agreeing without question to take over my shifts at work (Mar), to giving me advice on what to say to the doctor and what to do about work and money (Everyone else), I am so glad to have you all in my life.

Excited: to have some time to write, I guess? To be honest I'm not really excited about anything.

Happy: that I have such a caring boyfriend and an understanding boss and awesome friends.

Wishing: I had invested in better shoes a couple years ago. And that I had insisted on a foot x-ray at the hospital instead of being intimidated by the doctor who didn't use gloves or wash his hands when he touched my feet...or afterward. Also, that I had asked the doctor for some fun drugs. Who knows what could have happened.

I also wish I had an "easy" injury like broken bones, rather than this vague "tissue damage". The hell is that? 

Eating: whatever people bring me on the couch.

Wondering: how do people get exercise when their feet are busted? Any recommendations? All I see on the Google is "lie on your back and pretend to pedal a bike". I guess I'll do that?

Loving: the internet, books and TV.

Looking forward to: Going back to work. I haven't even been lying around four whole days yet and I'm feeling SO LAZY. And guilty.

Thankful for: Ryan.



My trip to the hospital was disappointing to say the least. My friend Sarah called me and offered to drive me there, because between work, kids, and visiting relatives, Ryan couldn't do it until later. It's really far out of her way, and was super nice of her to do! I was there for around five hours total.

Hospital stuff:

-Canada health facilities have a policy now of not having any magazines, newspapers, toys, etc. in the waiting rooms anymore because they're too gross.  I agree with this policy.

-I got to see a hospital running during a power outage. Apparently "the earth shifted" and crushed the power lines to the hospital just before we arrived there!  It really slowed things down, as they could only do emergency operations and x-rays, and no ultrasounds.

-People will try and use vending machines whether or not they are turned on.

-Emergency room waiting rooms are scary, guys. I am pretty sure one girl I saw was going to die, and there was like, yelling and throwing up and stuff all over the place. And the staff was so calm through everything, very impressive.

-I saw a (maybe drunk) bearded guy with softball sized lump on his obviously broken ankle using a weird walker-thing to hop outside and down the street to have a cigarette. Four times. 

-A guy laughing about how his face smashed in and teeth punched out was there, I overheard the nurses say he was a Hell's Angel.

-A lot of people are alone at a time they should not be alone. I wanted to hug people and tell them they'll be okay but it is not proper emergency room etiquette, and also? I don't want their diseases.

-I saw the wife of a man who fell off a roof being told he was already in surgery by the time she arrived, and rather than being worried, she got angry at the husband for driving himself to the hospital instead of calling 911...maybe you had to be there but it was funny.

-It is HARD not to stare at people who are injured.

-A fleet of ambulances arrived all at once from a car accident. Everybody was put into wheelchairs with blankets, they were okay but had lots of ice packs on their foreheads.

-I sat so long, with my bare feet on ice packs, my butt and back started to hurt. I went through phases of feeling happy that I was finally getting things taken care of, and then feeling like I shouldn't even be there, after getting repeatedly bumped by real emergencies. My feet felt trivial.

So in the end I waited about four and a half hours in that nasty uncomfortable space, talked to the doctor for five minutes and left in tears, frustrated, because he didn't say what I wanted him to say. Instead of a cast and a timeline like I was hoping for, I got "Sorry, I have no magic answer. Just stay off your feet." and a doctor's note that says to do so "until symptoms stop".

And thank you to the ladies who stopped to ask me if I was alright when they saw me crying. People are good.



I promise I won't write about my lame feet every day, but I want to do this "lately" thing every few weeks and write about what's happening as kind of a "dear diary" thing for myself. So I can remember what was going on in my life. And this is basically all that's going on at the moment...

Anyway, things will be back to positive in the next post. I don't like writing downer posts. It's lame to write and lame for you to read probably too. Stay tuned! I'm still happy! I swear!

Here's something funny that just happened to my aunt:

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