Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tattoo Age part 2 GRIME

OOPS! I meant to post this days ago! Anyway here it is now. But first, a quick update on my feet: they seem to be getting better. I'm just taking it real easy and learning a bit about myself. Turns out I'm one of those stubborn "I'm FINE" people who insists on getting herself a cup of water instead of letting someone else do it, regardless of whether or not my feet are broken.Who knew?

Now, onto the tattoo stuff:

Grime is a tattooer I just can't get enough of. His style is so out there, and he seems like he's either kind of a dick or really really funny. Which are both kind of expected I suppose, he probably had to build up some intense defense mechanisms after he got all burned and scarred. I just straight up find him interesting. He's totally on my list of tattoers I'll probably never have a chance to get tattooed by, but if I ever do make it out to Skull and Sword for a tattoo, I'd get something weird with lots of eyeballs in it probably, or something.

Here are some promo photos I got from Vice TV promo people:

VBS just released part 2 of the Tattoo Age Grime episode, check it out! 

Part 1

Part 2

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