Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

This luchador pin I got in a market in Mexico for like, half a peso.I have a few and wear them all the time. I wish I had bought more, but they seemed so common and stupid while I was there.

I also love...

That the book The Help was rejected SIXTY times, but Kathryn Stockett never gave up. 

Jamie on Jeggings - especially this:  

The back pockets could actually hold something, but I will never put a single thing in there for fear that the weight of even just my iPhone will bring my jeggings to my knees.If my iPhone pantsed me in the middle of the streets of Paris, I’d have to retire. Retire from what? Oh, life.


I don't know who made this, but it is the best GIF I have ever seen.

These beautiful photos of Frances Bean Cobain. She's 19 now! Can you believe it? I remember her  when she was thiiiiis big. (small hand gesture)

Winning a rad prize from a giveaway on The Dainty Squid! When it arrives I'll write a full post. :)



My sister is on Twitter and Tumblr now. Follow the hell out of her, she's gonna be a star someday! 

I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr. Just sayin'. 

***UPDATE*** I was just over at Caitlin's TILT post, and she put so many cool things up, I wanted to quickly share them here as well, rather than bookmarking them and then passing them off as things I found myself.

And last but not least, these 'neon signs' 


What do you love this week? Leave me a link to something awesome! 

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