Tuesday, August 16, 2011

upside down tattoos

This is what I actually look like when I'm blogging:

Like...no bra, bad hair, zits, freckles, glasses, lazy, glazed eyes, unwashed hair, yesterday's t-shirt.


Hey fellas, I got some new tattoos, since apparently I'm just posting ten thousand pictures of myself on the internet today I may as well show you.

1. OSM = awesome

2. Upside down.

We need to talk about this one a little bit, internet friends. Because I am so very sick of telling people their tattoos should face away from them. You know how many times a week I hear "It's just for me, I want to be able to read it"? Literally at least three times a week.



Because, just listen. It's UPSIDE DOWN that way. You already know what it says, but everyone you meet for the rest of your life will be like "what?" because IT'S UPSIDE DOWN. This became such a big joke around the shop, especially between me and Cody, and I have had to explain it so many times, that I decided to just get it tattooed on me.

Literally, when he put the stencil on I had "No, it's facing the wrong way" on the tip of my tongue. And now, sometimes when I see it I have a mini freak out. MY TATTOO IS UPSIDE DOWN!! LOL

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