Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who let me write this blog post anyway? Where's the structure?

Last month I was hooked up with Meeling of the blog The Hairy Peach, from California, for a photoswap that was organized through Rhianne of For The Easily Distracted. Basically what you do is um, take some cool pictures and then mail the film to someone who develops it, and vice versa. So here I now have a roll of total mystery film! EEE! And she has a roll of mystery film too from me. But I know what's on it. (It's boobs.) (Just kidding.)

Um, I didn't place a book in those shots on purpose to look smart. Nope. Heh heh heh...moving on. 

 And Meeling was even nice enough to include a little gift: this cool pin. And there's a hair stuck in the poky part in the back, which I'm going to use to make clones of whoever tried this pin on before she sent it to me. It's going to be awesome. I'll have so many butlers!

So yeah, then we develop the film and put the pictures in this flickr group and give ourselves congratulatory pats on the back or something. Because we are awesome. See last year's results here. Pretty good, guys!

I love one-shot kind of pen-pal stuff, because it's like, all the excitement of sending things and getting things, but none of the commitment of a real pen pal.


That reminds me, I have some correspondance to catch up on. I actually got myself a 13 year old pen pal, which, now that I type it out, sounds really creepy. But okay, what happened was, I got set up with a lady from New York who is around my age, and I wrote her a post card when I was drunk and I'm not sure what I wrote exactly but she never wrote back. But guess who did write back? A girl she takes care of, because she's an Au Pair. So now I should probably write something awesome and inspirational to this girl. Ah, the pressure.


Also, I've been meaning to ask you guys, say, hypothetically, your eight year old kid falls off his bike and effs up his knee really bad and needs crutches and can't do anything fun while his brother goes out and does summer things all day with the neighborhood, what would you do to entertain this poor kid? There's only so much 'sitting still' and 'not ruining his knee for life' he can do. You know, if this were a real scenario.

p.s. It is real. :(


I've been sitting at 198 and 199 Twitter followers for weeks and it's driving me crazy. Can like one or two of you guys just follow my damn tweets so I can get over the 200 hump? Click here to go there.


I would be chuffed* if you checked out my guest post at Desirous of Everything, where I talk about what I hate about summer clothes. I keep on posting on her blog because, well, she lets me. And also I like her style. And she's a librarian. And she doesn't have enough followers for how awesome she is in my opinion so get over there and follow away.


*I have this friend, Sam, from England, who is riding his bike all the way across the USA and he did it basically already, he started in NYC and just made it over the Rocky Mountains. Anyway he's coming here so I thought I should learn an British word or something, you know, to make him feel at home. I'm sure I'll have more to say on him later.


Today I'm crazy. Do you ever just have those moments where you do something really out of character or just straight up stupid, and you have no idea why you're doing it but you just plow on through? This morning on the bus I was at the head of the "gettin' on the bus' line, and I was listening to music and as soon as the door opened I just jumped right in, and swiped my bus pass. No matter that the bus was "kneeling" and the driver was all like "WAIT". Nope. I just ran hip first into a little old lady's walker.

I said sorry, but then continued walking and jamming my way through the ultra narrow bus aisle, kind of pushing the walker to the side. It was so rude and weird, and I didn't realize I was even doing it until I was past her. OH the humiliation, because, of course the bus was pretty full. And everyone was watching the idiot who was in such a hurry to get onto the bus. Why did I do that? Guh!


The end.

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