Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yellow on Yellow and something you should never watch.

These flowers are planted on the corner right beside a McDonald's drive thru. I saw this cute li'l bee and so I crouched down with my stripy underwear sticking out of my shorts and everything right in the road, in front of everybody ordering their Mc.Beef Shakes to take this picture. You're welcome.


I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you to never ever watch the film Begotten unless you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life. A client at work was telling us about it, because he overheard Kyle telling me about Fantastic Planet. And so we found the trailer on YouTube and ... well here it is, but just, seriously, be prepared, because it's really scary creepy footage of dead bodies and torture and stuff from.

Wikipedia says:

"The film deals with the story of Genesis. But as Merhige revealed during Q&A sessions, its primary inspiration was a near death experience he had when he was 19, after a car crash. The film features no dialogue, but uses harsh and uncompromising images of human pain and suffering to tell its tale. It also has no music, instead, the movie is accompanied by the sounds of crickets, and occasionally other sound effects such as grunting and thrashing.
The film was shot on black and white reversal film, and then every frame was rephotographed for the look that is seen. The only colors are black and white, with no half-tones. The look is described in the trailer as "a Rorschach test for the eye". Merhige said that for each minute of original film, it took up to 10 hours to rephotograph it for the look desired."

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