Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The A to Z of ... YOU!!!

Bet you weren't expecting that one! Surprise! That's right fellas and ladies, I took your precious meme and turned it upside down. This isn't about what my least favorite chore is or what I eat for breakfast...vaccuuming and oatmeal btw...nope. I'm feeling philanthropic at the moment, and thought I'd give back to this wonderful blogging community.

I follow eighty seven bajillion blogs, and here are 24 of my favorite moments or features from a few of the awesome blogs I love. 

Just to cover my ass here, I'm gonna tell you guys s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly and bigly that all these videos, photos and excerpts are coming from the blogs mentioned, so basically I did not create any of the content in this post. Please go visit each of these people, they are amazing. And if anyone's bummed that I'm using their stuff, please let me know! I don't want any hard feelings, I'm just trying to be nice here. Geez. Relax. 




Amalie's (still) Untitled Blog - when she dressed like an evil prima ballerina. So. Awesome.

Benjamin and Elise - That time it snowed in New Zealand, they were so excited about something that I'm generally very blase about, stereotypical Canadian girl that I am.
Conspiracy Inc. - Allan's black metal birthday party...I love when people aren't "too cool" to dress up and paint their faces. Really though, you should click through and see the other partygoers! LOL!

Delightfully Tacky: Elizabeth's posts on her adventures in the brave were what got me really interested in blogs in the first place. That was a few years ago, and she is still killing it with her cool gigantic hair. :)

Eep, I'm a Blogger! Other than the amazing blog title (haha) she also does some pretty good "stumble sunday" posts that rival the best TILT posts I've seen. I'm a big fan of huge lists of interesting links.

Freckled nest: LA's post on her dog Tom nearly killed me with cuteness. 

Gala Darling's recent animal encounter! I can't believe a lion licked her hand! So jealous!
Hue and Hum - the awesome custom shirts "lady hue" makes are so great! I would love one that looks like Sgt. Pepper would wear it. If he were a real person and not just a concept album, of course. Here are a couple of my favorites she's done so far:

I Go By Katie: all her photos. Everything in her life looks so clean-cut and well-lit. And she always has photos in her posts, which I love. Everything is illustrated so well. See?

Jess of The Doe or the Deer: has mastered the art of instagram+blogging. Normally I just skip over instagram naval-gazer posts, but hers have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to them. (You can click through to see their original posts.)

Kris Atomic - "Kendal Calling Photo Diary" - pics of an outdoor concert in b+w.

Little Chief Honeybee: well, everybody on the whole internet is abuzz about this, but Kaelah's new mobile business is so cute!

Mary Rebecca's Blogging Worldwide series, in which she shares lists upon lists of amazing bloggers, separated geographically. You can find people in your hometown, or people across the world. Really cool idea.

No Ordinary Rollercoaster - when Ben went to Ethiopia. I loved his very honest North American perspective on everything that was happening.Especially when he talks about the traffic, LOL!

I’ve never been more certain of my own demise or disfiguration than I was in the cabs and bus-cabs on the way home from the market today. I had fourteen adrenaline rushes, I aged seven years, I had two hours of post-traumatic stress disorder, and I spent thirty minutes planning out my next cab requirements so that I could mentally prepare with a Gravol cocktail with a Xanax chaser.

Our City Lights: Diana's bed.

Pencil Box: Katie is painting a wall in her home using a gigantic paint by numbers pattern right now! 

Q ... come on, no blogs start with Q!

Rockstar Diaries: um...their dog reminds me of someone I know!

Suzy Krauze and the Skyscrapers: the first time she vlogged it was so cute my brain exploded.

Time won't wait for me - Kristin's most recent post on an adult patient in the Operation Smile recovery room in wherever she is now in brought tears to my eyes. I love what she's doing, and I love her way with words...and there's a tie for the 't' section, because I also look forward to reading Caitlin's blog To Make Love Stay on Thursdays. Her TILT posts are some of my favorites!
Um...I don't follow any "U" blogs. so here's a cute picture of tank and I this morning. Yes, this is how I'm blogging: on the floor, 20 pound dog head in my lap. Not pictured: big ol' cup of coffee.

(hello)Vanny - all the 8-bits posts. Again, it's just tons of cool links to random stuff.

Write In Color - basically this entire blog is amazing. It's kind of in the 'self help' category of blogs, but is so beautifully written that each time Melody posts, I feel giddy.

"The most tender thoughts, though carefully cultivated and privately adored, once exposed to the public, may become subject to our intrinsic capacity  for self-destruction. So I urge you, as did Emerson and Silverstein, to remember the independence of solitude. Listen to public opinion but don’t let it destroy you" 

X-actly where did you think I would find a blog that begins with an x? 

Yes and Yes: the true life series! Sarah Von interviews people with interesting jobs or life stories. Some of them will blow your mind! Some of my favorites are: I worked in a sex shop, my sister was dead for 18 minutes, I was a phone sex worker, I'm athiest, My family was in a cult, I was a lady cab driver, and I live with hill tribes in Thailand.

(Coffee and) Zombie Movies (haha I was reaching for a 'z' okay?): Chelle's illustrations KILL ME. She is so good at expressing hilarity in her drawings. Like, I'd put her up there with Hyperbole and a Half, guys. So it's serious. She actually drew my blog's header too, so we're like, practically best friends now.Click through to read the amazing stories these belong to:

Bonus Chelle post: the "I just made duct tape into a purse" song. It's very catchy.


And that is it, my friends. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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