Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Love Tattoo Show

Here's ten episodes of a crazy Italian man getting ten (really nice) tattoos on one trip through the USA. Wow. Awesome! I found this via my friend Roberto's new blog. The subtitles and chatting is in English, and then, because it's for Italian TV the rest is in Italian.

Imagine how expensive this trip was for him. And how painful, haha.

1. Brian Bruno

2. Bailey Hunter Robinson

3. Eli Quinters

4. Bert Krak

5. The Gus + Martin Lacasse

6. Steve Boltz

7. Nikki Balls

8. Hunter Spanks

9. Chad Koeplinger

10. Todd Noble

 You'd be lucky to get tattooed by any of these dudes. How pretty is this guy's skin now? Wowzers.

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