Saturday, October 8, 2011

diptych: in the tattoo shop

I hate public bathrooms because I see how many people suck at washing their hands. Did you know that I haven't had a cold in almost a year and a half? I credit that to proper and frequent hand washing. Really, if you just do the hands under the faucet for two seconds thing, you are disgusting. You know who you are. Use some fucking soap.
I wash my hands after being in public, after touching anything 'dirty', after playing with the dog, after cleaning the cat litter, before touching the clean dishes in the dishwasher, before touching food... maybe it's not common sense, but because I've always worked with food and then at a tattoo shop, but HELLO, it's called CROSS CONTAMINATION people. 

Anyway...that's the end of my rant. Wash your hands often. That is all.


How's this for irony? The day after I wrote this (Wednesday) I caught a disgusting head cold and a killer sore throat/cough attack and it's still going strong. FFFUUUUUUUUUUUCK. So there goes the hand washing theory. You may as well disregard everything I just said above.It doesn't work. Blow your nose directly onto your hands and lick stripper poles for all I care.

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